Venetian Blinds

First introduced to the world by Hunter Douglas in 1946, Venetian Blinds have become a design classic for windows.

The enduring charm of our Venetian Blinds lies in their design, durability and versatility with precise control of light intensity and direction.

Key benefits

  • Suitable for all types of windows including: tilt-and-turn, glass doors, sloped windows and glass partition walls.
  • Bounce back slats, heat treated and spring tempered for best in class durability.
  • An unrivaled selection of slat widths, colours, finishes, decorative options.
  • Your branding and logo can be applied to the tassel sets.
  • Our Hardware Platform Concept enables you to choose the desired level of additional options and innovations for your brand.
  • Made with up to 98% high-quality recycled aluminium.
  • Bronze Cradle to Cradle certification for the total finished product.

Keen on Green

At Hunter Douglas we are keen on creating more sustainable solutions.

The Hardware

25x25 System

This traditional value for money system for 16 and 25mm blinds offers a stable square head rail and oval bottom rail.

  • The head rail measures 24 × 25 mm and the oval shaped bottom rail 21 × 12.5 mm.
  • Standard range of mounting and operating options available.
  • Made with transparent plastics.
  • Can be installed over even the smallest windows, including tilt-and-turn windows and glass doors.
  • The durable bounce back slats guarantee a sleek appearance and long product life.

The Ultimate System 16/25 mm

The Ultimate system for 16 and 25 mm is an outstanding solution for windows of any size, including tilt-and-turn and glass doors.

  • The head rail measures 24.6 × 25mm. There are 3 different bottom rails: Oval shaped 21 × 12.5mm, Diamond shaped 20 × 9mm and EOS® round shaped 24 × 12.5mm.
  • Due to the unique method of fixing the slat pack to the top of the EOS bottom rail there are no visible punch holes, plastic components or tapes.
  • The steel bottom rail will not sag or bend and the weight of the bottom rail facilitates a smooth lowering of the blind.

The 35 mm System

A system designed for 35mm blinds, well-known for its reliability.

  • The head rail measures 36.5 × 40mm, and the oval shaped bottom rail 34 × 14mm.
  • This system can accommodate a large range of operating, mounting and decorative options. Those include: Duoflex and side guiding.
  • The head and bottom rail perfectly match the unique colours, finishes and texture of the slats.
  • The durable bounce back slats guarantee a sleek appearance and long product life.

The 50/70 mm System

The most reliable system for 50 and 70mm Venetian Blinds. This strong and robust system is made to offer a reliable solution for even the largest windows.

  • Features a 51 × 57mm head rail, a 50 × 20mm oval shaped bottom rail and transparent end caps.
  • Wide range of mounting, operating and decorative options available including beautiful fabric tapes.
  • The head and bottom rail are even available with the unique finishes used for certain slat styles.
  • The durable bounce back slats guarantee a sleek appearance and long product life.

Product Variations


This classic blind offers convenient wand and cord operation with child safety solutions. We offer special tassel sets including: durable and beautifully designed tassels, cord connectors and wand knobs with your unique branding and logo.

Top-Down/ Bottom-Up

A low-profile tensioned system. The blinds can be operated easily by pulling or pushing the head and bottom rail. The slats can be tilted by using the special knob on the head rail for small and medium sized windows. For higher windows, we have a specially developed slider in the handle on head and bottom rail.

Aura 16/25

We offer crank, endless chain or motorised mono command operation incorporating the lifting, lowering and tilting functions in one easy to use tool.

Aura XL

Smooth mono command lift and tilting system for large windows. Available with endless chain, motorized or crank operation. Suitable for fabric tape and string tape.


LiteRise® operating system

Lifting, lowering and tilting by just moving the bottom rail. No lift cords for a clean, uncluttered look and increased safety for children and pets.

EOS® TruFit™ System

EOS® TruFit™ System

Window covering system which sticks to the window pane and is easy to mount by clicking the product in the brackets. No drilling or screwing into your window frames.


Enjoy privacy and optimal daylight control at the same time. Two sections in one blind, operated independently.

Tiger Motorisation

The most comfortable way to operate your Venetian Blind. Easy programming and assembly. Slow start, slow stop feature.

The Collection

The Venetian Blind collection is contemporary and widely versatile. Available in an unrivaled spectrum of trendy colors and prints, inspiring naturals, stunning metal looks, subtle brush and elegant marble effects, and a wide variety in gloss and mat levels. Not to forget our tactile touch slat qualities and our structures.

Five different slat sizes

Our range of 16, 25, 35, 50 and 70mm vanes offer the perfect choice for every type of window.

High performance aluminium

Aluminium slats are made with a special recycled (up to 98%) and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, curved and stove-enameled. The baked enamel finish will not blister or chalk and will make the slats resistant to abrasion, peeling, scratching, dulling, discolouration and corrosion. The unique ‘bounce-back’ quality will guarantee a longer product life.

View Venetian Blinds Bounce Back Video

Exclusive finishes

The collection contains high performance finishes that enhance the thermal and visual properties of our blinds.

  • Slats with a Thermostop strip give an emission of heat radiation 3 times lower than normal slats.
  • Infrared Reflective Venetian Blind slat: Keeping in cool with warm colours.

Unique perforation patterns

Create a playful or more distinguished look with our exclusive perforation patterns. The perforated slats also beautifully filter and diffuse daylight.

Art of Design Collection

The exclusive Art of Design collection contains five greyish matt colours, three different flock designs, lively 3D transfer prints and a nice 50mm structured quality in four different colours.

Decorative tapes

Enhance your blinds with decorative tapes, and create an elegant 'beach house’ look. Our wide selection of stylish tapes complement both the blinds as well as your interior.

Two in One

Create a unique blind by combining two different slat styles in one blind. Choose for example a combination of wood and aluminium, or choose different colors. An exceptionally stylish solution for large windows.

Sales Tools

Collection Box

The collection box offers an impressive overview of the available slat colours and coatings and slat widths, as well as all available coordinated colours in head and bottom rail.
It now also contains the additional Art of Design Collection.

Images, drawings and data

We have an extensive database available for customers with beautiful product and interior photos.
Furthermore, we offer a large variety of technical data sheets, cleaning information, assembly manuals and a colour coordination tool.

Quality & Innovation

The Hunter Douglas Advantage

  • An unrivaled assortment of slat widths, colours, finishes and decorative options.
  • Our Hardware Platform Concept enables you to choose the desired level of additional options and innovations for your brand.
  • We use up to 98% high quality recycled aluminium.
  • Suitable for even the smallest and special shaped windows.
  • High performance finishes enhance the thermal and visual properties of the blinds.
  • The collection includes a range of exclusive and patented innovations: Megaview™, Varioflex, LiteRise® and top-down/bottom-up.