Skylight Blinds

Our EOS® Skylight Blinds system fits almost every type and size of roof window and offers the most product choices.

Our Skylight Blinds offer the perfect solution for most skylights. The modular system fits window styles ranging from the 21st century to the old roof windows found in monuments.
We offer the widest range of products and options, including: Roller, Venetian and Pleated Blinds and Duette® Shades in stunning designs and colours for every application and interior style.

Key Benefits

  • Available for all of the common skylight types and brands.
  • Widest variety of products: Roller, Venetian and Pleated Blinds and Duette® Shades.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up operation and Day/Night systems with a combination of one or two different products are also available.
  • The largest selection of fabrics, materials, slat styles, dessins and options.
  • Remarkably easy mounting and installing.
  • No measuring needed for over 2000 common roof windows.

Dedicated support

We provide our assemblers with proprietary products, innovative systems, cutting edge collections and truly dedicated professionals.

The Hardware

Suitable for almost any type of window

Our EOS® Skylight Blinds are available for all of the common brands and types of roof windows, including Velux® Pick&Click® windows. Additionally, as a result of special dimension codes for over 2000 standard skylights, in-home measuring is often unnecessary.

The system is made up with a minimum amount of components to help you save on production costs and stock. The blinds can hence be assembled easily and installed very quickly.

The EOS® system is available in white (RAL 9016), cream (RAL 9001) and anodized aluminium.

Endless possibilities

The reliable hardware supports Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Plissé and Duette® Shades, as well as several product combinations. Moreover, Plissé and Duette® Shades are available in Top-Down/Bottom-Up models.

Reliable and convenient

For optimal comfort we offer reliable manual operation for all product lines. The standard manual control provides an economical solution for skylights placed within reach. A tilt or operating rod is available for harder-to-reach windows.
For venetian blinds a tilt-only motor is available in addition to manual operation.

Product Variations

Roller Blinds

The wide selection of beautiful translucent and blackout Roller Blind fabrics is a great choice for any roof window application.
Roller Blinds are now available with and without side-guiding.

Pleated Blinds

A highly decorative and functional solution for skylights offering beautifully filtered daylight.
Available in top-down and top-down/bottom-up models for optimal privacy and sunlight control.

Duette® Shades

A great choice for skylights. Available in both translucent and blackout qualities for optimal daylight control.

Venetian Blinds

This design classic is available with 25mm and 35mm vanes for even the largest roof windows. Simply push or pull the bottom bar to operate the blind. The vanes can be tilted to the preferred position by operating the tilt-knob or optional tilt-rod for harder-to-reach windows.
Convenient motorised operation is also available.

Roller Blinds & Pleated Blinds

Practical and stylish. Combine for example a blackout roller blind with a translucent pleated blind for perfect daylight and privacy control.
This side guided system is very user friendly and ideal for use in offices and bedrooms.

Duette® Shades & Pleated Blinds

A convenient Day/Night system for optimal light and heat control throughout the year.
Combine a blackout Duette® Shade with a translucent Pleated Blind and you can perfectly control the amount of sunlight and solar heat entering the home at any time of day.

The Collection

Duette® Shades

A beautiful and large collection to complement any interior. The insulating cell construction of Duette® Shades is a great advantage as it will help control the temperature in the room by reducing solar heat absorption up to 78%.

Pleated Blinds

All of the fabrics in our Pleated Blinds collection are available for skylights, meaning you and your customers will enjoy an unrivaled selection to choose from. The collection consists of hundreds of colours, textures and different styles ranging from transparent to blackout.

Roller Blinds

Offer your customers the choice of beautiful uni coloured fabrics and lovely dessins. The high quality translucent fabrics will beautifully filter daylight, whereas the blackout fabrics will offer excellent room darkening. Most fabrics are additionally certified by Oeko-Tex®.

Venetian Blinds

A functional and economical, yet attractive window covering option. The aluminium collection offers stunning colours, exclusive textures and high performance finishes for optimal solar heat control. Made with up to 98% recycled aluminium.

Sales Tools

Images and drawings

We have an extensive database available for customers with beautiful product close-ups and interior photo’s.

Technical support

For your convenience we offer the following:

  • An assembly and installation manual.
  • An excel file with the dimensions of over 2000 common skylights that is regularly updated.
  • A large variety of technical data sheets and cleaning information.
  • Beautiful and extensive collection books for each product line.

Quality and Innovation

The Hunter Douglas Advantage

  • EOS® is suitable for almost every type of skylight, enabling you to serve all of your customers with reliable blinds.
  • Our patented system makes installation on Velux® Pick&Click® windows even easier.
  • Minimum amount of components and easy assembly, installation and mounting.
  • No measuring necessary for over 2000 standard roof windows.
  • Widest selection of products, exclusive materials and beautiful fabrics.
  • We offer a range of sustainable solutions including Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics and recycled aluminium.