Double Roller Blinds

Award-winning EOS® 500 Xcel hardware guarantees perfect 'hanging behavior’, easy assembly and mounting.

Key benefits

  • The trendy collection is made with 100% polyester spun yarn.
  • 8 attractive ranges and 41 stunning colours and designs.
  • The fabrics are Oeko-Tex® certified which means they are of the highest quality and free of any potentially harmful substances.
  • Buy per 50 meter roll from our warehouse stock.
  • EOS® 500 Xcel 500 hardware allows Double Roller Blinds to be installed over even the largest windows.
  • Easy to assemble, install and adjust.
  • If you already offer EOS® 500 Xcel Roller Blinds you do not need any additional assembly tooling.

Dedicated support

We provide our assemblers with proprietary products, innovative systems, cutting edge collections and truly dedicated professionals.

The Hardware

High quality hardware with a sleek design

The award-winning EOS® 500 Xcel hardware offer outstanding quality and reliability and guarantees perfect “hanging behavior”.

  • EOS® 500 Xcel offers a reliable solution for windows sized up to 275cm x 300cm. Maximum weight is 3kg.
  • EOS® 500 Xcel offers the industry’s most comprehensive program, accommodating even exceptionally large or inclined windows.
  • Modular technology supports a wide variety of models against a limited number of components, making the system suitable for various price levels.
  • Our standard and most decorative system is model 20, featuring a mounting profile and contemporary design. A cassette in 3 sizes is available upon request.
  • Options include leveling of the tube inside the brackets and adjustable fabric connection using a spline.


  • The components are all colour coordinated.
  • Available in white, grey and black.
  • The choice of different chain loops enables your customer to fully customize his blind.
  • The 12mm bottom rail is a solid aluminium tube. The bottom rail hangs free within the rolling fabric and can be taken out easily. Available in aluminium or white.
  • Three differently sized brackets enable use of bigger fabric rolls.
    1. Steel brackets with a plastic end cap for budget conscious end users
    2. Plastic brackets as the default solution
    3. Aluminium design brackets in various finishing for a high end look.

Installation and mounting

  • Mounting is possible on both wall and ceiling.
  • Adjustable brackets can be clipped onto the back of the mounting profile for easier and more flexible installation.
  • Easy leveling of the blinds by hand. The adjustability is 23mm.


The EOS® 500 Xcel hardware makes assembly easy. A Velcro strip is glued onto the mounting profile and the soft Velcro counter strip is stitched onto the bottom of the fabric.
The advantage is that you can still correct the height or angle by simply detaching and re-positioning the Velcro strip.

Operating Systems

Endless chain

A standard and sturdy operating system for precise control and convenience. Ball chain operation is available for right or left hand operation in plastic and metal.

Hunter Douglas motorised blinds


Motorised Double Roller Blinds are designed for guaranteed operation, precise control and enhanced safety. The blinds can be operated through an elegant wall switch or remote control.

The Collection

Eight high-quality fabric styles

  • A trendy collection featuring 8 attractive ranges and 41 stunning colours.
  • All fabrics are suitable for large windows up to 275 cm wide.
  • Made with 100% polyester spun yarn.
  • Fabrics feel smooth and silky and offer the subtle and soft look of voile.


A basic yet elegant uni coloured fabric style, available in 15 different colours.

Summer S

Cool plain double roller fabrics with distinguishing smaller sections, creating a surprisingly different appearance.


Create a more playful look with segments in 3 different colour shades.


This highly decorative and exclusive fabric style offers a contemporary yet natural look.

Carpe Diem

A beautiful fabric style featuring a subtle horizontal line pattern.


A more outspoken and contemporary fabric offering horizontal stripes in transitioning colours.


Glamorous and fancy horizontal structure with different colours of yarn


Stylish tone-in-tone shiny fabric with sharp and sophisticated looks.



Assembly Tooling

We offer high-end exclusive tooling including: Ultrasonic cutting table or laser, Sewing machine, Profile saw, Hoist for quality check and dimple-, bending- and punch tools for brackets.
Our EOS® 500 Xcel Double Roller Blinds require the same tooling as our standard EOS® 500 Xcel Roller Blinds.

Image and data resources

Our customers have access to a database with beautiful product photo’s. Furthermore, we offer all the necessary technical data sheets, cleaning information and assembly manuals.

Quality & Innovation

The Hunter Douglas Advantage

  • Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex® Certified so you can offer your customers fabrics that contribute to a safe and healthier living environment.
  • The award-winning EOS® 500 Xcel hardware offers a sleek design, outstanding quality and easy assembly.
  • The collection features 41 beautifully coloured fabrics made with 100% polyester spun yarn for enhanced beauty and product-life.
  • If you already offer EOS® 500 Xcel Roller Blinds you do not need any additional assembly tooling.
  • Easy installation, leveling and adjusting with patented components.