Duette® Shades

Over 25 years of experience and innovation have enabled us to optimize our fabrics and hardware for your customers.

In 1988 Hunter Douglas introduced the first classic Honeycomb Shades. In response to high energy prices, a beautiful and innovative shade was invented that would help reduce heat loss by up to 60% and reduce solar heat absorption by up to 78%.
Today, Duette® Shades have won over 6 prestigious and international design awards and offer the perfect fit for every window.

Key benefits

  • The leading and most extensive hardware system, available in over one hundred models.
  • Excellent production support and training.
  • The widest range of fabrics, textures and beautiful colours.
  • The industry’s highest and proven level of energy efficiency, insulation and sound proofing.
  • Exclusive marketing package available to help you strengthen your brand.

Keen on Green

At Hunter Douglas we are keen on creating more sustainable solutions.

The Hardware

Over one hundred models to choose from

Hunter Douglas EOS® hardware is the most versatile and sophisticated system in today’s market, offering a perfect solution for any type of window and easy installation.

  • The innovative system perfectly covers any window, from vertical windows (0⁰), tilted windows (to 15⁰) and ceiling and conservatory windows (to 90⁰), regardless of shape, size or location.
  • Components are colour coordinated allowing for a consistent design and uniform appearance.
  • Duette® Shades can be attached to window frames, vinyl windows, glass bars, and wall or ceiling, without having to drill.

Operating Systems


SmartCord® is a revolutionary and patented cord lifting system. It features a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant length (no more dangling cords) for effortless and child friendly operation.

LiteRise® Operation


This cordless push up, pull down system raises and lowers the product with the touch of a finger. Its proprietary design holds the shades securely in any position. LiteRise® reduces potential safety hazards, offers more user comfort and a beautifully streamlined appearance.

Hunter Douglas motorised blinds


Motorised Duette® Shades are designed for guaranteed operation, precise control and enhanced safety. The blinds can be operated through an elegant wall switch or remote control.
Hunter Douglas motorised blinds can also be seamlessly integrated with any home automation system.


Our tensioned systems are designed to fit neatly into the frame of windows,
doors and skylights, and eliminate the need for free hanging cord loops. The shades can be operated easily and safely with the handgrip on the bottom bar.

Crank Operation

Hunter Douglas Duette® Shades are available with a cordless crank. The user-friendly crank is a very suitable solution for operating blinds installed over large and hard-to-reach windows.

The Collection

The largest collection

Hunter Douglas Duette® Shades are available in a wide array of fabric styles (including Batiste and Elan) and colours.

The range of opacities from sheer to blackout offers varying degrees of privacy and light control. Our sheers and other select styles are also specially designed to diffuse and draw daylight deeper into the room.

Furthmore, we offer a range of fabrics with fire retardant properties.

25 and 32mm pleats

Fabrics with a 25 or 32mm pleat offer the perfect solution for small to medium-sized windows. Minimal hardware allows for easy mounting close to the glass and on sloping glazing beads.

64mm pleats

The 64mm shade offers a robust look and consistent pleat that is especially suitable for large windows.

DuoTone and FullTone

DuoTone fabrics provide a white streetside colour for enhanced solar reflection and a consistent streetside appearance.
FullTone fabrics offer the same colour on the front and back.

Classic and Fixé

Duette® Shades are available in either classic or fixé styles.
Classic fabrics offer a pleated look at the front and back of the shade. For an even more beautifully equal pleat, fixé fabrics feature a pleated front and flat back.

Sales tools


To help you get the most out of your marketing budget we offer customised marketing support, and a large selection of marketing materials including:

  • Beautiful product images and video’s.
  • Custom advertisements.
  • Point of sale materials (collection books, posters, stickers, brochures, hangtags etc.).

Moreover, we offer a unique and proven ’3 fold effectively’ Duette® Consumer Campaign Package containing a wide variety of online and offline marketing materials for optimal results. Contact one of our sales offices for more information.

Training and Assembly

We offer all the tools and equipment necessary to produce and assemble Duette® Shades. We will help set up your workshop, train you to use the assembly tools and provide assembly instructions.
Furthermore, we can provide you with a wide array of mounting, installing and cleaning instructions, technical data sheets and cording schedules in any language.

In addition to our personal training we offer a unique software package which helps you calculate the bill of material, consumer prices, cost computations, and the most efficient assembly method.

Quality & Innovation

Duette Shades

The Hunter Douglas Advantage

  • Widest range of award-winning and patented solutions.
  • The largest collection of exclusive fabrics and special qualities such as flame retardant fabrics (DIN 4102 B1).
  • Sophisticated and maintenance-free EOS® hardware offers the perfect solution for any type of window.
  • Natural daylight is filtered and diffused twice by the honeycomb construction.
  • The honeycomb ensures crisp and even pleats, even on the largest shades.

3 Fold Effectively

  • Independent research organisations (incl. the German Fraunhofer Institut and Dutch Milieu Centraal) have proven that our Duette® Shades offer the industry’s highest level of energy efficiency.
  • Duette® Shades can save up to 37% of heating energy.
  • Excellent solar heat protection in the summer. Reduce heat intake at the window by up to 78%.
  • Outstanding sound absorption. According to Fraunhofer IBP, only Duette® Shades can bring reverberation to an optimal range.